Heiltz Tech Partners Ltd

We are committed to delivering the highest quality of work for our Customers. Our process and methodologies rely on industry best practice.

About Us

Heiltz tech partners is a company formed under cap 499 laws of Kenya to supply genuine printing cartridges and toners.
We have a collaborative relationship with each of our clients and tailor Our services to meet specific needs.

We focus the firm’s resources towards perfecting our services delivery, in a way that adds value to our client’s business.

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Why Choose Us

Heiltz tech offers quality organizational process, abundant manpower and are able to dedicate resources towards our clients needs.

What We Aim to Achieve

We believe that if we go beyond what clients expect, they will return again and again, asking us to further contribute to their success.

Integrity, Honesty & Fairness

 These values are essential to the way we do business and how we interact with people. We keep our promises; and stick to our agreement in terms of prices and services.

Customer satisfaction

we endeavor to satisfy our customers as this is a source of employee, supplier and community benefits we meet and exceed customer expectation through continuous improvement in quality services, productivity and times compression.

Staff Motivation

The diversity and involvement of our people is the foundation of our strength. We are committed to their fair and effective selection, development, motivation and recognition.

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Let’s work together

Our services are performed with the highest integrity and delivered on time by our professional and highly motivated team.